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Theme of the Week: Satya (truthfulness)

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Theme of the Week: Satya (truthfulness)


Theme of the Week: Satya (Non-Lying or Truthfulness)

I'm going to tell you about my yoga journey as a way to talk about Satya, truthfulness. 

Why did I open a yoga studio? Why not a kids dance studio or Pilates or CrossFit? Well, I was a gymnast until high school, then a cheerleader in high school, then I just drank my way through college (why lie?) and went from 130 lbs to 165 lbs. I honestly didn't care that much. I was in a sorority and I smoked and drank a lot. I also had A TON of fun and wouldn't change anything (well, there's that one thing I would change when I really pissed off my very best friend in the whole world senior year). I digress. 

I graduated from college and got my Masters in Urban Planning, got married, had baby #1 and then two years later, baby #2. I did prenatal yoga with @ashley_walburn during my 2nd pregnancy and it was amazing and I loved it and her! (Go to @homeholistic if you are pregnant and looking for prenatal yoga!). 

Anyway, I had a full time job and two babies and no time before or after work to "work out". I was fat and miserable and irritated and breast feeding constantly. 6 months after my 2nd child was born, I decided to do something about it! I Googled yoga studio's near my downtown job and found @mayayogakc! GAME CHANGER! They had a noon class M-F and I could "work out" during the day and be with my babies AM and PM! 

I started taking the noon class secretly, meaning, I didn't tell my boss why I was gone for 1.5 hours during lunch everyday and declined every lunch meeting. Finally, I went to ask for a raise and he said no and I said fine, but I'm taking 1.5 hours for lunch every day and doing yoga. He said fine. 

Fast forward 4 months: I lost 20 pounds, I was happier, I looked forward to my work days! Joy!  

Then one day, the owner of Maya Yoga said, "You should take teacher training" and I was!?! no, I could never! Then I did. I started teaching yoga 1 week later. 1 year later I opened my own yoga studio @suryayogakc

Truth: It's the hardest job I've ever had, but I'd rather work 80+ hours/week for myself than 40 for someone else. #thelifeofanentrepreneur #yoga #satya #yogapants #yamas #truth 

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